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Uncontested Divorce

uncontested-divorceBecause it is less stressful and less expensive than a trial, divorcing couples sometimes choose to resolve their differences with an uncontested divorce. It is an efficient and money-saving way to dissolve a marriage. It is better for the individuals involved and better for the children. With an uncontested divorce, you enter into a marital settlement agreement and, if children are involved, a parenting plan.

If you are considering an uncontested divorce, you should first consult with an attorney. Many individuals have attempted to handle uncontested divorces on their own, only to face significant problems after the final judgment was entered because they did not first consult with an attorney and consider the consequences of what they were agreeing to in the marital settlement agreement or parenting plan.

I can handle your uncontested divorce for you. I will advise you of your rights and obligations and the consequences of the various provisions in the marital settlement agreement and Parenting plan. I can review documents prepared by your spouse’s attorney or create the documents for you for your spouse to review.

This is a low-cost alternative to costly divorce.


Mediation is a process that allows a couple to create their own agreement. You can select mediation as an option prior to filing an action for divorce or, if the case is already filed, your judge will most likely require you to attend mediation. Instead of leaving your future and the future of your children to the decisions of the judge, you can craft an agreement that you can live with. When children are involved, mediation can be an especially valuable tool.

I am attorney Gary Urso, and I have been a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator since 1995. Since then, I have handled hundreds of mediations, including pre-filing, pro se, court-ordered and private mediations. I have also assisted countless clients in resolving their disputes with an uncontested divorce. My experience as a divorce trial lawyer means that I understand all of the legal consequences of decisions involving you and your children. Please call my New Port Richey office at 727-847-7808 for a phone consultation.

What Is Mediation?

My role as a mediator is that of an impartial party. I do not advise, but I do facilitate the work of the couple as they participate in a cooperative effort either with just the clients or the clients and their attorneys. Some families are able to reach an agreement about division of assets, child custody, and spousal or child support through mediation.

If they do not reach a full agreement, the option exists for them to submit their dispute to the judge. Sometimes couples can resolve some of their issues through mediation and submit the disputes issues to the judge.

Divorce mediation can take place during the pre-filing period or after filing for divorce. Mediation is required in nearly every contested divorce in Florida.

Talking It Out Really Can Work

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