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Separating the Marital Assets and Debts

property-divisionProperty and debt division can be a harshly debated part of a divorce. However, when you work with me, you will have an experienced advocate on your side. I understand the importance of preparation and of standing up for my clients, as well as advising them on when it is best for them to settle or litigate.

Whether you need a simple division of marital assets or a business valuation and separation of complex financial holdings, I can help. We will review your situation, and I will give you my assessment of your chances of keeping the assets you want. If necessary, I will fight for you in court. Please call my New Port Richey office at 727-847-7808 for a phone consultation.

Equitable Division

Under Florida law, property obtained and income earned during a marriage is marital property. All marital property is subject to equitable distribution in the event of divorce. Other rules apply with regard to non-marital assets Although a 50-50 split of the assets is often the solution, it does not always happen that way, nor does it need to.

Determining marital versus non-marital assets and liabilities is an important step. Assets you acquire before the marriage or as a gift or inheritance are not considered marital property and are not subject to property division provided you have kept the assets separate and apart from marital or joint assets.

Dividing Your Marital Assets and Debts

I can assist you with the valuation and division of your marital assets, including:

  • Personal property (such as vehicles, art and jewelry)
  • Real estate (primary residence and vacation property)
  • Retirement accounts and IRAs
  • Stock options and portfolios
  • Businesses
  • Insurance

You must also divide your marital debts, including mortgages, other loans, taxes and credit card balances.

It Is Easier When You Have Help

To make an appointment, please call me at 727-847-7808 or send me an e-mail.


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To make an appointment, please call 727-847-7808 or send me an e-mail.

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