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divorce-spousal-support-in-floridaMaking the decision to divorce is not easy. Selecting a lawyer to represent you can be difficult too. Seek the assistance of an experienced and compassionate attorney. When you have a lawyer you can count on, you can ease some of the stresses that you are feeling.

I am attorney Gary Urso. I handle high-net-worth divorces, contested divorce and uncontested divorce. My approach includes helping the client decide if divorce is the only option. I can also provide divorce mediation. But when litigation is necessary, I draw on my 32 years of trial experience to stand up for you in court. Please call my New Port Richey office at 727-847-7808 for a phone consultation.

Divorce in Florida                   

No-fault divorce law in Florida allows one spouse to end a marriage if he or she feels it is irretrievably broken. I listen carefully during the initial consultation with a client. If there is any doubt about the need for a divorce, I will suggest that the client work with professionals to see that all issues causing stress in the relationship have been addressed. If they have not, I may suggest attempting marital or personal counseling before resorting to divorce.

Sometimes divorce is the only answer. In these cases, we will work through issues such as:

Spousal Support (Alimony)

There is no exact formula to calculate the amount of alimony a spouse may receive or have to pay. In 2010 the law regarding alimony in Florida has undergone some significant changes. Those changes will be fully in place before the end of 2011. Be sure to consult with a lawyer who keeps up on the changes in the law. In very general terms, alimony is first based on need versus ability to pay, then on the duration of the marriage and the personal circumstances of each spouse. Many rules and exceptions can apply, and you need a lawyer who is experienced in handling alimony cases and up to date on changes to the law.

Alimony can be granted in several forms: temporary, permanent, durational, rehabilitative and bridge-the-gap alimony. The law now defines what is considered a short-term marriage, moderate-term marriage and long-term marriage. Each situation is unique, and I will fight for your right to the support you deserve.

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To make an appointment, please call 727-847-7808 or send me an e-mail.

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