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Helping Families Through a Difficult Time

childcustodychildsupportWhen facing a divorce, parents often disagree about timesharing with the children. An experienced family law attorney can help you ease some of the tension and keep everyone focused on what is best for the children. I have handled many high-conflict child custody cases and have experience helping people get through this difficult process.

My name is Gary Urso. I have helped many divorcing parents figure out how to provide for their children. From writing parenting plans to modifying court orders, I understand how important this issue is to you. Please call my New Port Richey office at 727-847-7808 for a phone consultation.

Writing Parenting Plans

Florida child custody law requires divorcing parents to create a parenting plan. A parenting plan will establish the following information:

  • Where the children will live
  • How parents will share responsibility for child rearing
  • The time-sharing arrangements
  • Who will be responsible for health care, school and extracurricular activities
  • How the parents will communicate with each other

I know how the plans work and can help you include the necessary information.

Determining Time Sharing

“Time sharing” is the legal term in Florida for child custody and visitation. It used to be called custody, then primary and secondary residential parent; now it is time sharing with a parenting plan. The court considers many factors when deciding time-sharing rights for each parent — despite a popular idea, the courts do not automatically favor a 50-50 time-share arrangement. In fact, many judges are not inclined to award 50-50 time sharing. I can help you create the strongest argument for the time-sharing arrangement you want.

Child Support

There will be some significant changes with regard to child support in Florida in 2010 and 2011. Be sure to consult with an attorney who is aware of those changes. The most significant is the change stating that a parent who has the children 20 percent of the time will pay less child support. This will change the existing rule allowing for a reduction in child support from 40 percent to 20 percent.

I represent individuals in child support actions, child support modification actions and actions initiated by the Florida Department of Revenue.


It is possible that the original custody arrangement or time-sharing plan is no longer in the best interest of the minor children. Perhaps there has been a change in the income of the parties, or maybe one parent wants to relocate from the area. In those situations, it is appropriate to apply to the court for a modification of the orders regarding custody or child support. I am experienced in handling modification actions. Call for a consultation to determine if it is in your interest to seek a modification of an existing court order.

Don’t Leave the Decision up to Strangers

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